Honda One-Time Care Offer 2020

 Honda Cars Nepal (Syakar Trading Company Pvt. Ltd.) has announced yet another exciting “Honda Monsoon Care Offer 2020” for the existing Honda Car customers, starting from mid July 2020.

Due to the nation-wide lockdown for almost 3 months, most vehicles remained parked in the garage. This has become a major problem to many owners, for like the human body, a car gets rusty when not used. Honda cars Nepal offers servicing of the automobiles in 7% discount on the regular price.  

The company has also issued safety measures to be followed by all staff members and the customers. Vehicle exterior or interior disinfection, sanitization, social distancing, no walk-in customers, will be strictly followed. The customers are encouraged to follow the appointment system to get the service. This offer is valid till the mid of August 2020 which is only a month left now.