Covid-19 Honda Car Operation Guidelines

The COVID-19 pandemic is the defining global health crisis of our time and one of the greatest challenges we are facing right now. It is definitely going to take a long time for us to resume our daily life post-lockdown and it is essential for us to conduct our daily activities in a vigilant and safe manner. Therefore, in order to prevent any further danger, we request you to make an appointment in advance if you have to come for your Honda servicing and maintenance work or Honda showroom. Also, we request you to make a visit only after your turn is confirmed.
Honda Nepal requests your cooperation!

Security measures to be taken by
Honda and employees


Notify the customer an appointment is required to prevent droplet and contact infection of COVID-19

temperature staffs

All staff’s temperature for each day should be disclosed to the customer for their ease of the visit

masks and gloves

All staffs have to wear masks and gloves. Mask and gloves have to be changed in the afternoon to prevent infection

hand wash

The staffs need to wash their hands thoroughly before and after service

disinfect hallway

Sanitize the hallway and DLR equipment every hour

hand sanitizer

Set up a hand sanitizer at the entrance for the customers to use it

Security measures to be taken
for a customer visit


Check customer’s temperature when they arrive

hand sanitizer

Request the customer to use hand sanitizer


Notify and obtain approval from the customer to sanitize steering wheel, seats, door nob, and dashboard

sanitize keys

Sanitize the car key with wearing plastic gloves


Ensure that there is no other customer or staff within 1m of the customer

sanitize chairs

Sanitize reception monitor/desk/chair after customer check-in

Procedures to be followed while
customer stay and delivery

book through call

Notify the customer that no complimentary and beverage will be served to prevent infection


A distance of 1-2 meters will be maintained between each person inside the Honda showroom and office

hand wash

Sanitize the lounge and bathroom periodically


Sanitize steering wheel, seats, door nob, and dashboard before delivering to the customer

disinfect hallway

Sanitize the hallway and DLR equipment every hour

time and date

Ensure each procedure was conducted properly every day