Honda presents Exchange Camp

We bring you our new ‘Honda Exchange Camp’, a 3 days event for you to participate and receive a lot of boons! As you guys know, we’re always open for exchange but with this event, we added things up to make it more interesting.

So basically, your participation on this event will get you a free warm Honda jacket this winter with the exchange of your Two-wheelers. Nonetheless, you’ll get our financing scheme on the spot and insurance as well. So, grab this chance to get your dreamy Honda bikes and scooter!

Honda Exchange Camp

To sum it all up, this event in applicable on the following Honda showrooms and dealers. Do check the list and locate the nearest Honda showroom and dealers you can find to participate in this event!

  1. Honda Showroom, Kantipath. 01-4255557
  2. Honda Showroom, Putalisadak. 01-4428883
  3. Honda Showroom, Kumaripati. 01-5530323
  4. Honda Showroom, Battisputali. 01-4497161
  5. Honda Showroom, Teku. 01-4104509
  6. Honda Showroom, Kupondole. 01-5526943
  7. Tananie Enterprises, New Baneshwor. 01-4785866
  8. New Prakhar Enterprises, Bhaktapur. 6611548
  9. Bajra Auto Trading, Kalanki. 01-4279429
  10. Bajra Automobiles, Maharajgunj. 01-4721364
  11. Shrestha Motorcycle House, Gyaneshwor. 4433904
  12. Chandeswori Auto, Banepa. 011-663881
  13. Shiva Siddhi Enterprises, Jorpati. 01-4916833
  14. Indrayani auto impex, Gwarko. 01-5555050
  15. Kapuri Brother Enterprises, Balaju. 01-4363680
  16. Metro Auto Centre, Ghattaghar. 6633682
  17. Isha Auto Impex, Satungal. 01-5108091
  18. Honda Wing World, Teku. 01-4104517
  19. Bajra Automobiles, Narayanthan. 01-4372000
  20. Bajra Autitrading, Pharphing. 01-4710686
  21. Buddha Enterprises, Birtamod. 023-540452
  22. Nau Devi Motors, Biratnagar. ‎021-460023
  23. United Motors, Narayanghat. 056-520823
  24. Kunwar Brothers and Sons, Pokhara. 061-537222
  25. Amrit International, Butwal. 071-542507
  26. Yagyalaxmi Auto Distributor, Nepalgunj. 081-521829
  27. Om Satya Sai Suppliers, Itahari. 025-580548