Honda I DIO’D IT kicks off for a social cause

Honda I DIO'D IT

Bringing you a fun and exciting campaign – prepare to get Hazy and Crazy! Collaborating with 6 NGOs and in participation with 12 different colleges, this campaign is all about -as mentioned above- showing off your crazy side at I Dio’d It!

All you have to do is play a game of ‘Spin and Walk’. Simple as it sounds, there’s more to this game than expected. To add more fun in between your act of craziness, all you have to say is ‘I Dio’d It’. Funny expressions can be a plus point to make it more fun.

Honda I DIO'D It
Also, we’re giving Rs. 50,000 to an NGO at each college to support their activities towards the society from this campaign. To make this act more interesting, we thought of involving you guys as well so that you can also get a chance to win Rs. 10,000!

Why not involve everyone in this fun and make it more memorable? We’re coming to your college so, join in the craziness right away!