Support by Jyoti Group & companies on Earthquake

Jyoti Group & companies support

The devastation of the Earthquake of 2072 Baisakh 12, and its aftershocks, has grieved each Nepali citizen and has left us mourning. Many self-motivated individuals, organizations, and groups have enthusiastically come forth to help provide funds, labor, time, and miscellaneous commodities. These activities & support have not only provided a bit relief but have also inspired us.

We, Jyoti Group family, our companies, labors, and staffs were dedicated on this mission too. On 2072 Jestha 17, Mr. Padma Jyoti, the Chairman, Dr. Roop Jyoti, the Vice Chairman of Jyoti Group and directors handed over a cheque worth Rs. 1 crore to Honorable Prime Minister.

Details of the Support and Relief Work provided by Jyoti Group & Companies

Prime Minister Natural Disaster Relief Fund Rs. 1 Crore
Nepal Chamber of Industry and Commerce Rs. 6 Lakh
Direct distribution to the victims Rs. 7 Lakh 50 Thousand
Steel/PVC Roof distribution Rs. 20 Lakh
Support from the salary of Labors/Staffs Rs. 6 Lakh
Rs. 1 Crore 39 Lakh 50 Thousand

Funds from the Principal/Supporting companies of Jyoti Group

Cash from Honda company (via Embassies and Red Cross) Rs. 2 Crore 50 Lakh
Cash from Hero company (via Indian Government) Rs. 1 Crore 65 Lakh
Tents from Hero Company, India Rs. 50 Lakh
100 motorcycles to UNICEF from Hero Company, India Rs. 1 Crore
Cash from World Fellowship of Buddhists Rs. 30 Lakh
From the staffs of Indian tractor company, Tafe Ltd. (via Indian Government) Rs. 22 Lakh 40 Thousand
Rs. 6 Crore 17 Lakh 50 Thousand
Total Relief Collected Rs. 7 Crore 56 Lakh 90 Thousand

Other Relief Support:

1.Free treatment of 800 earthquake victims at Grande City Clinic, Jyoti Bhawan.

2.Providing free of cost company’s house, warehouse, and compound for the use of Medicine Sans Frontiers (Doctors without Borders) doing relief activities in Nepal.

3.Helped Red Cross by providing two company trucks for a month free of cost.

4.Provided free refuge to CNN Hero Pushpa Basnet after her own house was damaged. She had been caring for the children of prisoners.

Activities carried out by various authorities and civil servant officers of Nepal Government during the crisis is highly commendable. Along with the relief works, we also pray for a rapid advancement in reconstruction and rehabilitation with greater, highly effective coordination.

Support of Honda on Earthquake 2072

Support of Honda

Honda in Asia and Oceania region has donated 20 million yen which is equivalent to 167 thousand US dollar to Nepal Government, 10 million yen from Thailand through Embassy of Nepal and 10 million yen from India through Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund on May 25, 2015. In addition, Honda Motor Co., Ltd has donated 10 million yen to Japanese Red Cross Society for humanitarian assistance activities conducted by the International Federation of Red Cross on May 25, 2015.